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Sonus faber Speakers – Philadelphia, PA

Incredible, hand-crafted Italian speakers.

Established in 1983 by designer Franco Serblin, Sonus faber literally translates into “hand-crafted sound,” a name that’s as true today as it was in the company’s early years. While small at first, Sonus faber has grown into a standard-setting speaker manufacturer unlike any other.

The perfect combination of science and craftmanship, Sonus faber speakers draw their inspiration from the very musical instruments they aim to emulate. It’s because of this attention to detail that Sonus faber loudspeakers are considered to be among the best speakers in the world. From the Venere series to the Amati futura, each and every product is made with the same degree of care you’d expect from one of Europe’s finest speaker manufacturers.

Experience Sonus faber’s finest speakers when you shop with Sound Xperience.

  • Venere Series
  • Olympica Series
  • Amati futura Series
  • Guarneri evolution

Sound Xperience is your locally authorized Sonus faber dealer.

At Sound Xperience, we want to change the way you listen to music. If you’ve ever heard the magical sound of Sonus faber speakers, you already know there’s nothing quite like it. Beautiful, musical, and highly refined, the sound these speakers create is absolutely stunning.

Not only are Sonus faber loudspeakers among the best sounding speakers in the world – they’re some of the best looking. No matter what room you put them in, Sonus faber speakers are like a fine piece of art, being as much of a pleasure to see as they are to hear.

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