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In-Wall Invisible Speakers – Philadelphia, PA

Literally. Invisible. Speakers.

Until you see (and hear) invisible in-wall speakers for yourself, it’s a tough concept to grasp. Regardless, Sonance Invisible Series speakers are perfect for when you want to match aesthetics with audio performance, granting you the best of both worlds.

Paint over them, cover them with wallpaper, and even hide them in your ceiling. Sonance Invisible Series speakers are a love letter to interior design, sounding just as good as the best traditional in-wall speakers without any cause for eyesore.

If want your music in every room, but can’t begin to stand the sight of standard in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, invisible speakers are exactly what the doctor ordered.

"Tell me more about Sonance Invisible Series speakers."

Sonance Invisible Series speakers were created as a way to harmonize high-fidelity audio with interior design. Once installed, they’re literally impossible to see, with absolutely no visual footprint to detract from a room’s décor.

Surprisingly, the Sonance Invisible Series suffers no loss in audio performance, sounding as good as many of the other speakers in its class, even when painted. Needless to say, architects and designers adore invisible speakers. They’re the ultimate win-win audio solution.

Pair invisible speakers with an app-controlled music system for the best results.

Chances are, if you don’t want to see speakers in your walls, you don’t want a bunch of remotes cluttering your coffee table either – let us do something about that.

Not only will we install all of your equipment out of sight in a remote location; we can set you up with an app-controlled music system, managed using your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have full access to your entire music library directly through your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We can even enable your system to stream your favorite music services, including Spotify, Rhapsody, and Pandora.

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