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The best video systems aren’t limited to your TV stand.

All things considered, your TV is essentially a piece of furniture. So, there’s no reason it shouldn’t match the rest of your home’s décor (or disappear completely) when not in use.

From projector screens that ascend into the ceiling to the TV hidden in your bathroom mirror, Sound Xperience has personalized solutions that go beyond what’s offered at your local big-box store.

Speaking of big-box stores…

While you have a ton of models to choose from, you’re still missing the big picture: Home video can go far beyond the binary “mount it on your wall” or “set it on a stand” options.

At Sound Xperience, you’re working with experts who have been designing complex video systems since before you bought your first Blu-ray, delivering solutions that are as easy to operate as they are visually appealing.

Have you ever seen a TV hidden behind a picture frame, or a display that descends from the ceiling on a motorized mount? We have, and we’d love to help you create a similar solution for your own home.

There’s no limit to what you can do with Sound Xperience:

  • Motorized TV Mounts
  • TV Mirrors
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Multi-Room Video
  • Distributed Video Systems
  • Projectors and Screens

Choose Philadelphia’s most trusted video system experts.

When it comes to the best video systems, there’s a lot to think about. Our goal is to design a solution that exceeds each and every one of your expectations. We’re willing to work within any budget, always focused on providing you with the best possible experience for your money.

Even if you’re not sure where to start, call us anyway. We want to be your personal A/V consultants, providing you with the honest advice and guidance you need to get the most from your custom video solution.

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